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ACVA’s Great Astrology Resources

While listening to a wonderful lecture by legendary Vedic Astrologer Chakrapani Ullal titled “Surya: The Significations of the Sun” this evening, it occurred to me that more people should know about the great resource that is ACVA’s MP3 library.

ACVA (The American College of Vedic Astrology) features an online store that sells literally hundreds of lectures by great astrologers in MP3 format. The lectures generally cost $9 if they’re about an hour and only $12-$18 for some that are four-to-five hours. This resource has played an exceptionally valuable role in my learning process.

It’s possible to sample the teachings and lecture styles of different Jyotishis at an affordable price this way; and once you find somebody you “click” with, they’ll likely have multiple lectures available on the ACVA website. (Chakrapani has an even 20!) If you’re interested in astrology – (and, if you’re reading this, I figure you probably are) – the ACVA store is worth a look even if you’re not actively studying at the moment. Out of the hundreds of lectures available to browse through, some topic or another is quite likely to catch your eye.

* After writing this post, it occurred to me that I should probably make it clear that I have no connection at all to the ACVA and, in fact, haven’t even met anybody who works there. I know people get suspicious about posts like this that promote a specific service. While that’s understandable in this day and age, I promise that all I’m doing here is spreading the word about an awesome opportunity for Jyotish lovers.

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