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My name is Gideon and I decided to write this blog as a way to chart my astrological journey, provide a helpful resource and meet people who share my interest. Please feel free to comment on the blog entries, shoot me an email at gideon@astrothoughts.com or just enjoy browsing. If you like the blog, you can follow me on YouTube and Facebook using the icons on your right, which would be awesome 🙂

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  1. Seeyali Siingh

    I love your website and all the posts. I am Indian by birth, settled in USA. Your analysis of the various planets is just amazing. It is in depth,rational and very sensible. I particularly like the parts about how planetary changes affect our soul. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Gideon! Fascinating page you have. I was looking for Donald Trump’s golf course in Jupiter Florida and some how ended up here! I don’t know anything about the Internet and even less about astrology. Can you show me how to read these charts?

    • Hi Navid – Glad you found the site and like it! I’ll makes sure to add some more articles soon about chart-reading fundamentals, and I’ll also have some YouTube videos up soon. For the time being, you can check out my “The Planets As People” articles in the “Basics” section as a starting point. “Astrology KRS” YouTube videos (which I don’t have any connection to) are also a great resource… you can search just about any astrology topic on that channel and find a cool, informative short video.

  3. aj

    I have a question NO ASTROLOGER has been able to answer , this is related to rahu, they say rahu amplifies a planet but does this ONLY amplify the significance of the planet for e.g sun+rahu = big ego or does it also amplify the plantets Lordship for e.g if moon is 11th lord and conjunct rahu then mind and emotions will be amplified but what about the 11th lordship does this get amplifed during its dasha to bring large income


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