Astrology and Music: Prince and Michael Jackson

When art moves you on a deep, emotional level, there’s likely to be a clear astrological connection between you and the artist. If you look at your birth chart “layered” on top of your favorite artist’s birth chart (an astrological technique known as “synastry”), you will usually find that the artist’s Moon, Venus or Ascendant tightly aspects your own Moon, Venus or Ascendant.

Prince and Michael Jackson are my favorite musicians. I used to think this was just because I had great taste in music 🙂 Then, I noticed that Prince’s Moon is within less than a degree of my Ascendant and Jackson’s Ascendant is within less than a degree of my Venus. Apparently, if I’d been born on a different day, I’d be into Liberace instead.

The part of the zodiac I share with both Prince and Jackson is the middle portion of Aquarius that falls under the domain of Satabishak, which is among the most mysterious, mystical and secretive of the nakshatras. Ruled by Rahu, the north node of the Moon, Satabishak is symbolized by a hundred physicians or, alternatively, an empty circle. This suggests an existential crisis so unique and perplexing that someone may consult multitudes in desperation before eventually realizing he must cure himself.

As with the Upanishads’ philosophy of “Neti neti,” which literally translates to “Not this, not this” and points to a path of ascertaining truth by continuously eliminating the false, Satabishak tears away comforts and expectations until one is face to face with the void. This level of intensity can manifest as the great blessing of a window into the divine but has also resulted in Satabishak’s connection to alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide. Satabishak is a spiritual, creative and fascinating nakshatra… but it’s definitely not an “easy” nakshatra. Both the difficulties and the blessings associated with Satabishak have played significant roles in the lives of Prince and Michael Jackson.

Areas of life affected by Satabishak in one’s natal chart are often reduced to nothing at some point. Prince’s Moon in Satabishak is in his 5th house of children. His only child died shortly after birth from a rare genetic deformity and, a short while later, his wife suffered a miscarriage during her second pregnancy. Jackson’s Ascendant is in Satabishak and he underwent extensive plastic surgery until he lost almost all resemblance to his original appearance, quite literally removing his physical identity.

The ruling deity of Satabishak is Varun, the God of the oceans, rivers and lakes. There are more varieties of animal and plant life (including medicinal plants) in water than anywhere else, but most of these species are hidden in the depths. Someone with the Ascendant or a personal planet in Satabishak may find themselves able to explore hidden, mystical realms, discovering new ways of thinking and expressing oneself in the process.

Prince’s biggest hit, “When Doves Cry” sounded like nothing else ever recorded when it came out. He removed the bass line, which was revolutionary for a pop single at the time, and then he electronically reversed the opening guitar solo. He dove deep into the artistic ocean and emerged with different music than anyone else was hearing – amazingly, the song was simultaneously remarkably original and so widely accessible that it became the highest-charting US pop single of the year. The next time you listen to “When Doves Cry” ask yourself if you can think of any song from before 1984 that sounds remotely like it. I’ve never been able to.

Because Prince’s Moon is in Satabishak, his mind (including his mental process for songwriting) and his emotions are mysterious and original. While Jackson’s songs, which are usually either fast-paced funk workouts or soulful ballads, fit into traditional musical categories more easily than Prince’s catalog, Jackson’s entire persona and musical act is one-of-a-kind, as indicated by his Satabishak Ascendant. Jackson’s concert and music-video performances combine his famous dance moves with elite musicianship in a manner that is truly iconic.

Satabishak forces those karmically connected to it to dive into the cosmic ocean, leaving behind attachments. As with literal deep-sea exploration, the risk of drowning exists, but so does the chance of returning with exotic treasures.



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