Trump Update: Moon to Mars

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In my original analysis of Trump, written about six weeks ago, I profiled him in a general sense and looked at his campaign somewhat briefly from an astrological perspective. Since Trump is still going strong as a candidate and the transits of Jupiter and Rahu, along with a shift in antardasha (sub-period) for Trump will affect his fortunes in the coming months, it seemed like time to write an update that’s more specifically focused on his Presidential run.

Trump officially shifts from Rahu mahadasha (major period)/Moon antardasha to Rahu mahadasha/Mars antardasha on October 28. However, the effects of dashas become noticeable for a while leading up to their “official” change-over date, so Trump’s Mars has likely already begun the process of “taking over” from his Moon. While Trump’s 10th-house Rahu has been his mahadasha planet for almost two decades now, coinciding with his period of greatest fame but also exacerbating egotism and obsessive desires, his recent Moon antardasha, which began in April, hasn’t been very helpful for him. In other words, Trump’s success the past few months has actually been in spite of some astrological difficulties that are beginning to fade away as time passes.

While Trump’s Rahu, located in the 10th House of status and career, is in close conjunction with the Sun, which represents authority and power, his Moon is debilitated and located in the challenging fourth pada of Jyestha nakshatra. Of course, nothing – in life or astrology – is ever that simple, and Trump’s Moon does benefit from a strong dispositor (i.e. it’s in a sign ruled by Mars, which is a good planet for Trump) and an opposition aspect to his powerful Rahu-Sun conjunction. Still, Trump’s Moon is one of his chart’s more difficult features.

However, Trump’s Mars is much more comfortable, so to speak, as it’s located in Magha nakshatra, which is symbolized by a throne. Located within three degrees of Trump’s Leo Ascendant, his Mars is prominently placed and connected, along with his Ascendant, to the nakshatra most symbolic of royalty and the ruling class. Not only that, but Magha specifically relates to the act of initially taking the throne and beginning one’s rule.

While many people have planets in Magha and, of course, don’t become kings (or Presidents), the symbolism often relates to some sort of increase in status and/or authority. When I first explored Trump’s Presidential chances, I felt he had a real shot as long as he could remain a relevant candidate until promising astrological factors such as the antardasha of his Mars in Magha and transits of Jupiter and Rahu over his 1st House kicked in. (Jupiter’s there now and Rahu’s a few months away.)

At this point, I think we’re almost through the most obvious “danger zone” period for Trump’s campaign and it looks like he’ll be in the running long enough to benefit from a promising astrological stretch leading up to and through the election.

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Trump Enters Rahu-Mars in October and Jupiter-Jupiter Election Month

Mars is Trump’s yogakaraka (i.e. a planet that is especially strong by virtue of ruling both an angular house and trinal house) and it’s also located in the sign of its friend the Sun, which itself is in Trump’s strong 10th house. Add to that transiting Jupiter recently moving from Trump’s 12th house (usually associated with loss) to his strong 1st house, and Rahu-Mars seems likely to be a better period for Trump than Rahu-Moon.

However, it’s the lead up to Trump’s election-month Jupiter mahadasha that may be the most fascinating. Trump’s near-stationary 2nd-house Jupiter (discussed in more depth in my previous profile) has already made him a larger-than-life figure who excels at anything involving fixed assets and gains over time. As Trump nears the mahadasha directly connected to his most powerful planet, expect his own influence and power to increase.

I can’t predict whether Trump will win the Presidency or even the Republican nomination. It’s too early to know who all the important candidates will be and, even for those most likely to hang around, we often lack reliable birth-time data. Without a nearly exact time of birth (i.e. within at least a half-hour or so, but preferably within a few minutes), there are just too many unanswered variables. Even as well-known as Hillary Clinton is, debate regarding her time of birth makes it difficult to be confident about much of her chart.

The last Presidential election is a great example of how important it can be to have all the relevant astrological information. Both Obama and Romney had strong charts throughout the campaign period. If we only had Romney’s birth information, he would have appeared likely to win – but since we had birth information for Obama, too, most astrologers realized Obama’s chart was even stronger. It was a case of one guy holding a flush, only to have his opponent flip over a full house. And considering how difficult it is to secure a major-party nomination, I imagine such situations are rather common.

So, without knowledge of birth times for many of Trump’s potential opponents, it’s impossible to confidently state anything more specific than that Trump has a strong chart leading up to the election and I wouldn’t be too surprised if he becomes President.

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