A Quick Guide to the 12 Houses

I’ve been thinking about writing a series of posts exploring each of astrology’s 12 houses, one by one, using specific examples and going into some depth. With that in mind, it seemed reasonable to write a quick guide to what each house represents first. I’ve already written a similar article about what each planet represents (The Planets As People), so the idea is for the two articles to work together as a (very) basic reference.

For example, Taylor Swift has Venus in her 1st house. She appears and seems to the world (1st) as artistic, aesthetically pleasant and connected to romance (Venus). Jiddu Krishnamurti has Moon in his 12th house. He lost (12th) his mother (Moon) at a young age and his state of mind (Moon) was focused on enlightenment i.e. loss of self  (12th) which he spent much of his life discussing in foreign lands (12th).

You get the idea. Saying the above method lacks nuance is putting it mildly 🙂 … so don’t go crazy with this, but hopefully it has some usefulness. I should note that I’m only including basic meanings here, so I’m not delving into concepts such as bhavat bhavam, for example, which is a valuable, but more complex method of finding further indications for each house.

1st House = You, as you appear and seem to the world.

2nd House = Your fixed assets, accumulated over time, including money, values/taste, family and close friends.

3rd House = Your peers and younger siblings, competition, talents, ambitions and achievements. Also short-distance journeys and publishing or production of the arts.

*Some astrologers feel the 2nd house involves writing and communication, while the 3rd only involves publishing. Other astrologers feel the 3rd involves writing and communication, as well as publishing.

4th House = Your home life and home environment(s).

5th House = Your romances, children, creativity, drama/arts, politics and speculation.

6th House = Your health (or disease), daily work/labor, enemies and debts.

7th House = Your partner(s) in marriage, business or as part of any binding contract.

8th House = Your sudden changes in fortune, including inheritances and lottery wins, freak accidents and unexpected deaths. Your occult practices and mysticism. Whatever secrets, either harmless or dark, that you keep from others.

9th House = Your good fortune, long-distance journeys, higher education and religion in a traditional sense.

10th House = Your status, career, name and fame.

*Some astrologers consider the 9th house to represent the father (especially when the father is also considered to fill the traditional role of “guru,” as the child’s first spiritual guide), while other astrologers consider the 10th house to represent the father.

11th House = Your older siblings, community, circle of acquaintances, networking connections and casual friends. Also side-businesses/side-ventures and investments that pay out in an inconsistent or unpredictable manner.

12th House = Your loss of everything from money to loved ones to friends to, for a few, even self (which is often called enlightenment). Your isolation, imagination, sexual pleasures, and residence in foreign places. Whatever secrets, either harmless or dark, that others keep from you.


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