Jupiter & Donald Trump’s Future

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Donald Trump is out to an early lead in polling for the Republican Presidential nomination, and just about everywhere one turns people from either major party (or neither major party, for that matter) seem worked up about it and insistent he’s a joke candidate with no real chance; yet, he’s not just ahead, but way ahead of any other Republican candidate, as of the timing of this article. To be fair, Trump’s disapproval ratings are far higher than the other candidates, too. He’s a big personality who often evokes “love him or hate him” reactions, but he’s already affected the race and proven to be more than a sideshow.

What makes Trump’s Presidential aspirations interesting from an astrological perspective is that a study of his chart strongly suggests the best is yet to come for him and – wait for it – that period of his life is scheduled to begin in November, 2016. That’s election month. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’ll win – for one thing, he has to remain a viable candidate for more than a year just to have a shot – but it’s certainly an interesting coincidence.

Trump’s strongest planet is a near-stationary Jupiter, which was moving at less than 1% relative speed at his time of birth. (Near-stationary planets in one’s natal chart are often extremely important and powerful.) His Mercury in its own sign of Gemini, located in the 11th house of fulfillment of desires, social circle and networking, has surely played a major role in his success, as well.

However, Trump’s overall life-path may be most defined by his 4th house-10th house axis, which includes both luminaries (i.e. the Moon and the Sun, which is also his Ascendant lord) in a tight opposition orb to each other and in close conjunction with Ketu and Rahu, respectively. This indicates Trump’s career in real estate, as the 4th house represents the home environment (including homes, in general, not just one’s own living space) and the 10th house represents career and status. However, Trump’s near-stationary Jupiter suggests that he was destined to be “larger than life” in some way or another, even if his other planets were in different locations. The role of his 4th house-10th house axis wasn’t to ensure his success (which his Jupiter and Mercury had already heavily weighted the deck in favor of), but instead to point to the area where he would apply most of his energy and resources.

And in November, 2016, Trump’s Jupiter mahadasha (major period) begins. Jupiter is likely Trump’s most important planet, but he hasn’t even experienced its mahadasha yet. This mahadasha should be highly positive and benefit him in a number of ways, no matter what happens in his current campaign; however, he’ll have to remain a relevant Presidential candidate long enough for Jupiter’s energy to kick in or the timing will be too late to help his chances in the 2016 election. In the meantime, upcoming transits of a number of important planets and a change in antardasha (minor period) from Moon to Mars all seem lined up to benefit Trump in the near future.

Yet, Trump may still encounter obstacles relating to much of the populace, as a substantial part of his personality seems driven by a need for expansion and power. While Trump’s Jupiterian strengths have led to positive relationships with his grown children, given him an instinctive sense of generosity at times, and helped him to employ thousands of people, some of the less desirable manifestations of that Jupiterian energy, as channeled through his current Rahu mahadasha – such as potentially harmful expansion, over-the-top self-promotion and a bombastic attitude – have also played a role in defining his identity to the American public.

However, he’s just finishing up his Rahu mahadasha, which began all the way back in 1998… and that’s the sort of thing Rahu can do to people, especially if they’re prone to such tendencies before entering its mahadasha. Rahu, the north node of the moon, focuses on more, more, more; it represents insatiable desires and, in Hindu mythology, is depicted as a head without a body. Picture that image for a moment – it’s always hungry, not equipped to digest experiences or process them, only to continue craving them. As that sort of craving is quite a motivator, (albeit an inherently unsatisfying one), Rahu plays a substantial role in the lives of many people who are famous and/or achieve worldly success. Rahu’s also hell on impulse-control, which fits with Trump’s tendency to speak first and think later. And if he seems obsessed with status and career, well, he has Rahu in his 10th house, which represents those very things.

The worst-case scenario for Trump’s campaign will be anything that trips him up too soon. To have a legitimate chance at the Presidency in 2016, he will likely first have to drag out the Republican nomination process; that may seem counterintuitive since he’s off to an early lead, but these things ebb and flow and one wrong move could crush his chances. However, over time, as he nears his Jupiter mahadasha, his exceptionally strong 2nd-house Jupiter (which rules his 5th and 8th houses) will begin to emerge more prominently, allowing him to build broader appeal and solidify his gains. If he manages to win the Republican nomination and can stay close enough to his Democratic opponent so he’s within reach leading up to Election Day, he can likely count on a boost connected to the timing of his Jupiter mahadasha to help him out during the homestretch of the campaign.

A less encouraging astrological feature for Trump is the placement of his Moon, which is not only debilitated in Scorpio, but specifically positioned in the dark and determined fourth pada of Jyestha nakshatra, which can sometimes relate to a mercenary attitude and a somewhat warped sense of values – (including, in extreme cases, even involvement in unhealthy aspects of the occult, such as voodoo or “black magic”). This placement – along with any even cursory knowledge of Trump’s life story and viewpoints on various issues – suggests there will almost surely always be a cunning and ruthless side to him. And there will always be people who dislike that side of him enough to simply want nothing to do with him, even if he begins to seem more Jupiterian.

Yet, an argument could be made that some inherent cunning ruthlessness combined with the many attributes of a powerful near-stationary Jupiter, peaking in influence during its mahadasha, could be a promising political (and executive) mix. Also, when Rahu fades and Jupiter emerges, Trump’s more positive characteristics will likely shoot to the forefront enough to change at least some of the public perception surrounding him over the next few years.

If Trump’s Jupiter mahadasha started a few months earlier, I’d be confident his Presidential run were a force to be reckoned with. If it started a few months later, I’d have little faith in his chances. However, the fact that it begins – sticking to the traditional 365-day year – during the same month as the general election for President, makes his campaign trajectory much more difficult to predict.

Of course, Trump could say or do something that ruins his chances in 2016 at just about any time. He could have already done so with his recent comments that he doesn’t consider former Vietnam-War POW and current Senator John McCain to be a true war hero, as polls have yet to show the full impact of those statements, which seemed to offend many Americans.

Or he could manage to ride it out long enough to hit his stride and surprise just about every professional pundit, whether that means going all the way or just lasting long enough to have a significant impact on the tenor of the election. Yet, whatever happens in the very near future or in the 2016 election, Trump isn’t going anywhere in American society. As bizarre as it may sound to many, he’s about to hit his prime at age 70.

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