Evaluating Transits: Ascendant or Moon?

Jupiter recently transited into Leo, using Vedic Astrology’s sidereal zodiac. Since Jupiter is the greatest natural benefic and only changes signs about once a year, many people are discussing the transit and what it means for each sign. However, some astrologers discuss transits based on the Ascendant, while others focus on the Moon sign.

Here’s a quick guide to the difference:

The Ascendant represents what’s actually happening. So looking at houses/signs from the Ascendant is probably the most fundamental way to judge a transit, and certainly the most accurate predictive method.

The Moon represents how we feel about what happens. So looking at house/signs from the Moon is important in its own way and shouldn’t be ignored. For example, if you get into a romantic relationship, what really matters is how you feel about it, not that it occurred. It’s not like you’re going to date an asshole, have your self-esteem plummet, become a nervous wreck and then look back on the time fondly, thinking, “Well, who cares how I felt – the important thing is I was in a relationship!”

Other situations are more matter-of-fact, such as predictions about finances or what a transit may be like for your children, if you have any. The simple reason for this is that people are usually happy to make more money or see their children thrive, but dislike losing money or seeing their children suffer.

In most instances, even if an astrologer specifies that he or she is discussing transits from the Ascendant you can use common sense and apply the information to the Moon (or vice versa) by remembering that evaluating each house/sign from your Ascendant predicts what will happen in that area of life, while evaluating each house/sign from your Moon predicts how you’ll feel about that area of life.

I’m sure a few people are thinking “Isn’t how I feel all that really matters?” This might seem logical at first glance, and I think it is often a large part of the reasoning for those who prefer to look at transits from the Moon.

However, what actually happens has effects that reverberate long beyond our immediate and near-term reactions, and looking at a more objective prediction of events is also a way to evaluate the effect of certain situations on our long-term quality of life, the lives of those close to us and even society at large.

Besides, we get to look at transits all we want from both the Moon and the Ascendant, so it’s really about understanding them, not prioritizing them 🙂


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