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Horoscope analysis of famous people. Includes some I like, such as Prince and Woody Allen, and some I don’t, such as Hitler.

Woody Allen Horoscope Analysis

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What really jumps out at me is how Woody Allen is blessed with an abundance of energy and discipline… well, at least in his work. His later-life productivity is a textbook example of what a strong Saturn, Mars and 6th house can accomplish. Fans of Allen know that he’s made a movie almost every year for four decades now and some of his best work (“Midnight in Paris,” “Match Point” and “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” for example) has come in the new millennium.

Allen’s early entertainment industry jobs that led to his film opportunities occurred during his Rahu dasha, which also encompasses most of his childhood and all of his adolescence. Then, after his Jupiter dasha is over, Rahu (the north node of the Moon) plays a key role again during Allen’s successful but scandalous Saturn dasha, as it co-rules Aquarius, where Allen’s Saturn is located. As is the case with many famous people, Rahu has clearly had a significant influence on Allen’s life. Continue reading

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