Taylor Swift and Ardra Nakshatra

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I find the most interesting feature in Taylor Swift’s horoscope to be her Moon (and Jupiter) in the nakshatra of Ardra. This is notable because Ardra is about creating something beautiful out of destruction. It literally translates to “the moist one” – (although probably not in the way you’re thinking) – as it represents storms that can result in a harvest. It’s often considered one of the most challenging nakshatras, because the person has to go through so many emotional “storms.” However, if the metaphorical rain is utilized properly, the result can be a great bounty.

Sometimes an astrological indication is such a literal fit that it almost makes me start laughing. I think we can expect the metaphysical to speak to us in symbols and riddles to such an extent that it seems surprising when it gives us a straight answer. However, as I continue to study astrology, I’m noticing clear, straightforward indications more and more frequently. In this case, Swift is a musician who is famous for writing hit songs about her break-ups. So, she’s creating something beautiful – or certainly a bounty, even if you’re not a big fan of her music – out of her emotional storms. Of course, she writes songs about plenty of other topics, too, but she’s probably better known for “break-up songs” than any other musician, which is an obvious interpretation of Ardra.

Ardra is especially emphasized in this manner for Swift because her Moon is in the 7th house of partnerships. In fact, her chart is basically a series of planets connecting in a fairly tight orb on the 1st house (Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus) and 7th house (Moon, Jupiter) axis, with Jupiter and Mercury in parivartana (mutual reception).

And this indication just keeps getting stronger, which is probably one of the reasons why, out of all the people with Ardra energy in their charts, Swift is as talented and successful as she is. After entering her Jupiter dasha a couple of months before her 14th birthday, Swift quickly became a country music star. As her 16-year Jupiter dasha continued, she crossed over to a more mainstream audience and eventually became the world’s biggest pop star. As I write this, Swift is running Jupiter-Moon (meaning Moon is her sub-dasha) and riding a career peak. Remember, Swift also has Jupiter located in Ardra and conjunct her Moon in a close 4-degree orb.

When Swift enters her Saturn dasha in March of 2020, Saturn will still aspect both Jupiter and her Moon by opposition. After Swift’s Saturn dasha comes her Mercury dasha, and Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in her chart, so the same opposition aspects apply as with her Saturn dasha and, as mentioned earlier, her Mercury is in parivartana with Jupiter. It won’t be until Swift finally enters her Ketu dasha (as a senior citizen) that it seems likely other influences will dominate her life and art. This doesn’t mean she won’t have a lasting relationship at some point, but it does mean she’ll very likely continue to have “storms” and then be inspired to turn them into harvests.


“Losing him was dark grey… all alone,” Swift laments.

attends the 47th annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 6, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee.

“But loving him was red… burning red,” she explains.

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